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Nuclear Power Benefits

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What are the Benefits of Nuclear Power, in the Nuclear energy debate? In this site, we discuss all the arguments - from the advantages of nuclear power to the disadvantages of nuclear power, the pros & cons and advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power and benefits of nuclear power plant electricity generation.

First, what it is ... Nuclear power is the usable energy which is extracted from the atomic nuclei through controlled nuclear reactions with the help of nuclear technology. The nuclear power is used to generate heat - nuclear energy, which in turn is used to generate nuclear electricity - one of the main advantages of nuclear power. Typically nuclear power plants are found in electric generators, on board nuclear ships and nuclear submarines.

In the present times, the only method of acquiring nuclear power is through nuclear fission although other options like nuclear fusion and radioactive decay are also being explored by scientists as alternative sources to generate nuclear power.

There are many well known benefits of nuclear power and these are listed as follows:

  • Among the many benefits of nuclear power, the main advantage this type of power has over other methods is that it is a clean way to produce energy as it does not result in the emission of any of the poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide. In today‚Äôs world when pollution of the atmosphere is one of our main worries, an option such as this is definitely preferable compared to burning of fossil fuels which causes so much of pollution. For more on the benefits of clean energy see Benefits of Solar Power at
  • When compared to the fossil fuel waste, the nuclear waste which occurs due to the production of nuclear power is not only small in quantity but also remains confined so as not to affect anyone in its surroundings. It has been proved that if a typical family of four uses nuclear power for all its needs then the waste produced over a period of a lifetime would be as small as a golf ball.
  • The disposal of nuclear waste which results during the generation of nuclear power is much easier because it is just dumped in to a geological site where it decays over a period of time and has no negative impact on the ecosystem. This turns out to be one of the main benefits of nuclear power as compared to the chemical waste like arsenic or mercury which refuse to decompose or poisonous gases which cause global warming, acid rain and smog.
  • Nuclear power is safe and even though there have been two serious accidents in Pennsylvania and Chernobyl, these are but sporadic incidents when compared to the rate of accidents which occur in fossil fuel industries, coal mines and gas pipelines which have a history of eruption.
  • One of the main benefits of nuclear power is that it is an extremely reliable source of power because most nuclear reactors have a life cycle of 40 years which can be easily extended further for 20 more years.
  • The availability of nuclear power is competitive compared to other sources of power like oil and gas since the cost of the nuclear fuel is a small part of the total reaction and therefore even if there is a slight fluctuation in the market the entire reaction need not be affected.
  • The source of nuclear power is uranium and this is available in abundance in the crust of the Earth with major deposits being uncovered in Canada and Australia. Therefore since the source of nuclear power is readily available now and also for centuries to come, this form of power is virtually inexhaustible.
  • The nuclear power is generated at a place which is known as the nuclear power station and this is a compact building which is as big as the area occupied by a football stadium.
  • The biggest fear associated with nuclear power is the fear of radiation and this can only be overcome by educating the people about the method of radiation and its behavior. People would be surprised to know that radiation has been a part of our environment ever since its existence and that radiation in moderate amounts can even be advantageous to our health. Therefore, radiation need not be feared from but can be channeled appropriately to serve mankind in a positive way.
  • The main benefits of nuclear power are that it is good, scientific as well as environment friendly because of which it is being supported by many ecological organizations and environmentalists who were previously biased against it.
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